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Root Chakra and Associated Gems

Here begins the process of examining each Chakra and the Gemstones associated with each in detail; starting at the base we will first look at the Root Chakra. In the following 4-5 minutes of reading you will become acquainted with the Sanskrit name of the Root Chakra, the Mythology behind it, the significance of the mythological representation and the Gemstones from our collection which are connected to each of the Chakras. Further to that we will connect the story of the Chakras, in essence the story of YOUR BODY with the story of these ancient Gems in an attempt to bring forth the personal relevance of these Gems.

The one that holds the secret; the Root Chakra which in Sanskrit is called the Muldhara Chakra is the key to activating all the other chakras. If you were to imagine its location and appearance; you are looking at the base of the spine at a 4-petalled red flower. Awash in the colour of passion and energy this grounding chakra is where the process of personal awakening begins. Let me tell you a story about this keeper of secrets: This origin of this story lies in the RigVeda: the ancient Indian text composed somewhere between 1800 – 1100 BC. The RigVeda provided a mechanism to understand the Muldhara Chakra through an interplay of the following characters; Indra- an Indian deity who is most aptly described as the Master of All Senses ; incidentally this is what his name means in Sanskrit , Indra’s mother Vak meaning Speech, his father Manas meaning Mind, Vritra the human Ego who lives in the Muldhara Chakra, Kundalini energy which sits in the chakra above the Muldhara chakra but which is protected by Indra in the Muldhara Chakra below and Vajra which is Indra’s weapon made of pure energy. As the story goes Indra uses his Vajra (Weapon of Energy) to destroy his parents Vak (Speech) and Manas (Mind) and in the process is abandoned by all the other Devas. Standing alone having abandoned all he knows and having destroyed his Self image, this in turn destroys the Vritra (Ego) which activates the Kundalini (flow of energy carrying one to universal consciousness).

Now lets look at what this story is trying to convey : In order to begin the journey to connect to the universal consciousness one is required to destroy one’s ego.

How does one do that?

The key is in silence, one needs to quieten the mind and speech, in that silence dwells the process of standing alone and contemplating what is truly important. Silence, Solitude and Observing the true Inner Self reveals the various images one holds of oneself. I would go as far as to say that any sort of self-image is a projection of the Ego and every structured representation of the self needs to be broken down before the process of understanding universal consciousness can begin.

On breaking down Ego/Self images one unleashes a potent energy within oneself which targets the Kundalini energy in the Swadhisthana Chakra/Base Chakra beginning the process of connecting with God or Universal consciousness whichever term you prefer. More on the goings on within the Swadhisthana chakra later, for now we will focus on unleashing the potential within the Muldhara chakra.

For some, silence and solitude come easily making it easy to begin the process however for most the process requires some additional assistance. This is where Gemstones come in; Every gemstone resonates with energies in certain chakras or parts of the body and incorporating some of the resonant gemstones will hasten the process of activating the Chakras.

The following are the best friends of your Muldhara Chakra:

Malachite: A personal favourite of mine ; an opaque soft gemstone which shows gorgeous banded patterns. Historically significant, Malachite was one of the stones famously used by Cleopatra as eyeshadow and the Czar Nicholas I made an entire Malachite Room in the Hermitage. Malachite works on all chakras but is particularly beneficial for the Muldhara Chakra by offering protection whilst giving one the confidence to to make significant life transformations. Malachite reminds the wearer that we are here to co-create with the Universe and shatters illusions created by the Ego. The shattering of illusions is often painful and sometimes makes a person feel vulnerable which is where the protective powers of Malachite come in. The concentric bands reminiscent of eyes have been believed since ancient times to ward off negative happenings. In addition, Malachite is also a Traveller’s and Midwife’s Stone offering protection during travel and childbirth.

Obsidian: The Supreme Protector; look closely at anyone who believes in the universal energies and you’ll spot an Obsidian on their person. The necklace of Renisenib recovered in Thebes is one of the oldest historical pieces featuring Obsidian. Known as the psychic cleanser, Obsidian removes blocks from one’s consciousness by clearing up residual debris from the past and showing one an accurate reflection of the inner self. Like Malachite, it gives the wearer the strength to face the work one needs to do on oneself and paves the way for a smoother journey through the process. Through the process of grounding, Obsidian also protects one from one’s own potentially detrimental emotions like fear, anxiety, anger etc. Obsidian is not for the faint of heart though, once you commit to an Obsidian it will ensure all shadow personality traits are easily recognised by you and it will keep you grounded until you decide to do something about it. Nevertheless all of this comes with so much protection you will feel like you are walking around with your own personal bodyguard!

Rainbow Tourmaline: Although Tourmaline in all colours is called by the generic name ‘Tourmaline’, each colour has a distinct name. All gemstones used for ornamental or jewellery purposes belong to the group ‘Elbaite’ within the mineral ‘Tourmaline’ group. Tourmaline emits infra-red rays which resonate with the human body just like water and optimises the flow of energy removing blocks and breaking through barriers. Tourmaline will help you break down the little something that is keeping you from beginning the process of awakening and healing. Simply hold a Tourmaline in your hand or better still close to the navel to unblock the energies in the Muldhara chakra. Tourmaline in my personal experience is an excellent stone to inspire action and gently nudges you in the direction of awakening your true potential. An excellent gemstone to begin the process of personal empowerment and self realisation, its subtle energies will ease you into self-awakening without much pain.

Ruby: The only mineral Corundum which is not a Sapphire; The Ruby red is one of the most well known colours. Red is also a colour of the Muldhara Chakra which causes it to strongly resonate with Rubies. Ruby activates the energy in the Muldhara Chakra encouraging one to make the life changes one desires but most importantly it creates an energy field around the body which bounces all negative energy directed towards the wearer. Ruby also protects and attracts abundance in all aspects of one’s life meaning it brings not only financial but also emotional, spiritual and sexual abundance. As the Muldhara Chakra is closest to one’s sexual organs it almost always them that are impacted when this chakra becomes unbalanced. Wearing a Ruby will also cause one to experience renewed sexuality and feel invigorated from within.

Ruby Spinel: The lesser known star of the gemstone world; Ruby or Red Spinel has been confused for Ruby for many centuries and is only now that it stands distinguished from Ruby. Spinel will begin by calming your mind and spirit relieving the symptoms of stress and PTSD followed by invigorating one’s mind and body encouraging the overcoming of difficult circumstances. By aligning the physical and etheric body, Spinel plays a key role in helping one achieve a feeling of being complete. Think of Spinel as a glue that will bring together all the bits that you need to feel complete and will fill life into the glued together pieces In fact it has also been called the Stone of Immortality! PS: Let me know if you ever find out how to make the Elixir!

Smoky Quartz: Power is a one word descriptor for this gemstone. Smoky Quartz not only protects the wearer from negative energy, it also transmutes the negative energy and releases it into the Earth. Smoky Quartz will work on your Muldhara Chakra to pull you out of your procrastinating block and gently suck out all the energy that is clogging your life force and set you on your path to greatness. Although this implies the relevance of Smoky Quartz only in the first stage of your spiritual journey I insist you take it along as a constant companion. In the journey to coming into your own Self, there will always be a need to cleanse yourself of any prejudices and blocks you may be inadvertently storing. Smoky Quartz will ensure that you remain cleansed and unblocked at all times. Fun fact: It is the official gemstone of New Hampshire.

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