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A gorgeous three string of organic untreated Red Spinel which is often called Ruby Spinel on account of its Ruby like colour. Spinels were often confused with Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Saphhire etc however they are a distinct group of gemstoens which come in a variety of colours. Although rarer than Ruby itself, since its distinct status has been identified Ruby Spinel's reputation has suffered reflecting in its price. Nevertheless, it is as rare, beautiful and also intensely beneficial to the well being of the wearer. Spinel brings the healing benefits of the Earth into the body and helps promote a sense of well being. When you buy a Spinel you can be assured of radiating beauty and rarity!

PS: The Ruby in the famous Black Prince’s Ruby of the British crown jewels turned out to be Ruby coloured Spinel. 


Country of Origin: Myanmar and India
Length: 20", 21" and 22"
Weight: 1.22 lb
Clasp Type: Box Clasp in Stainless Steel with Golden plating


At Raziel gemstones we take pride in the quality of our stones and the beauty of our finished products. We believe in preserving the natural state of our gemstones as much as possible thereby creating beautiful symmetrical pieces where each bead is unique in cut and shape. We also believe that each stone's characteristics can positively enhance corresponding traits within our personalities. Hence, our manufacturing process aims to avoid stone treatments as much as possible to bring you all due benefits. 

Ruby Spinel Three String Necklace

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