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A double string of organic untreated Lapis Lazuli, the only stone to have derived its name from both Latin and Persian. "Lapis" is a  Latin word meaning "Stone" and "Lazuli" comes from the Persian word "Lazhuward". Ground Lapis as eyeshadow was a precious commodity for the ancient Egyptians and greatly favoured by Michelangelo in his paintings. Catherine the Great adored the stone so much that she had an entire room adorned with Lapis including walls, fireplaces, doors and mirror frames. Stare into the deep blue flecked with gold of this necklace and let yourself experience what the ancient Egyptians did when they meditated on the Lapis.


Country of Origin: Afghanistan & Chile
Length: 26" and 27"
Weight: 0.37 lb
Clasp Type: Box Clasp in Stainless Steel with Golden plating


At Raziel gemstones we take pride in the quality of our stones and the beauty of our finished products. We believe in preserving the natural state of our gemstones as much as possible thereby creating beautiful symmetrical pieces where each bead is unique in cut and shape. We also believe that each stone's characteristics can positively enhance corresponding traits within our personalities. Hence, our manufacturing process aims to avoid stone treatments as much as possible to bring you all due benefits. 

Lapis Lazuli Double String Necklace

  • All purchased items are eligible for a return up to 30 days from the day of purchase. The items must be unused and undamaged. To discuss returns or any issues after the 30 day period, please contact us and we will work with you on a case by case basis. 

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